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How Signet Rings went from Traditional Heirloom to Modern Fashion

How Signet Rings went from Traditional Heirloom to Modern Fashion

Signet Ring has its significance dating back to ancient times. The signet rings bore the family crests, used to seal documents. Normally also known as seal rings, nowadays, they are rarely used to seal a document. Instead, they are passed down over generations as a family heirloom or it serves a symbol of fraternity, community as it does to the Freemasons, or biker gangs, etc.

Traditional Heirloom

ancient signet ring

Signet rings date back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. They became a staple of human culture as each ring carved was representative of the time it was made. Egyptians used it to carve out the rank of Pharaohs onto signet rings.

Signet rings were handmade, intricately designed to signify a person’s identification. The stamp of the signet ring was preferred over a signature. The ring bespoke aristocracy, power, wealth as it became a status symbol. In the nineteenth century, the signet rings evolved as well. They were made out of engraved birthstones or rotating bezel so it could be worn facing upwards or downwards. As times progressed, they were used less as a seal and more as a piece of fashion jewelry.

Modern Signet Rings

Modern-day signet rings aren’t much different than the ancient style of rings. The class boundaries attached to the rings have now fallen away. Many people personalize their signet rings by getting them custom made. With the help of a custom jeweler, any symbol, an icon can be etched on to the signet rings. They can be made out of any kind of metal, with a customized insignia carved on it.

Even today, many people choose to wear their family crests with the notion of history attached to the ring. The ring serves as a bridge to connect the previous generation with the modern one. Family crests are still engraved onto the rings but others have taken a modernist touch on it by designing their symbol. Signet rings can also be detonative of personal sentiment.

Style of Signet Rings

Signet rings can be worn in various shapes and sizes nowadays. They can be customized or bought from a store. Some of them are:

  •       Round: The bevel of the ring is round.
  •       Straight Oval: Straight Oval is a very traditional looking signet ring which has a wide oval.
  •       Octagon: Octagon serves as a very modernist style to the ring with its 8 sides. It showcases a very unique, creative look.
  •       Oxford: It has a square bevel with rounded edges, similar to the form of a cushion.

To conclude, Signet rings can be customized, leaving room for creativity to spark in. Customized Signet rings can include etching a monogram onto the ring, representing a seal of identification much like a traditional signet ring. Blank Signet Rings have become famous as it can be made on any type of metal, gold, silver or platinum. This minimalistic design has become a fashion statement in modern times. Signet rings then become a seal of one’s personality. 

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