Rise of BK8 – The leading online gambling platform in Malaysia

Football Betting is one of the most popular gambling in BK8


Do you know what is the best platform for online gambling and casinos in Asia? The answer is BK8.


Lately, this online casino and gambling platform works together with one of the most successful footballers in the world, Robin Van Persie (RVP) as a brand ambassador and of course, the entire football industry was shocked by the signing.


The brand BK8, that was once referred to as Bolaking (In Malay it means King of Football). It’s not unexpected that BK8 signed RVP as this platform has a great record of authorizing legendary footballers as brand ambassadors.


Before Robin van Persie, BK8 appointed the legendary footballers as well, Chelsea and England captain, John Terry as brand ambassadors.


Football Betting is one of the most popular gambling in BK8


Putting aside all the buzz as well as viral information from BK8, they have actually come a time out of mind for the inception of their brand. A lot of gamblers trusted BK8 for their durable wagering system, fast withdrawal as well as reliable client support which is 24/7.


Additionally, BK8 spends lots of money as well as effort to make its system secure and safe in spite of there being a lot of information about casino site hacking by international hackers.


Players feel risk-free while playing with BK8 Online Casino, and they have one of the highest retention prices amongst all the casino site brand names in Southeast Asia.


With a significant team of customer service support and the VIP team, BK8 becomes Malaysia’s biggest online casino platform with one of the most VIP players ever recorded in Malaysia.


Despite the massive success and performance history, BK8 has been offering totally free video games and rewards & jackpots to award their loyal fans.


As you can see from their social networks account, BK8 placed a lot of focus to make their client pleased with a good experience and benefit rates.


Intrigued to get more information regarding BK8, you can sign up for the game here.


Besides real-time global sports betting, BK8 supplied a wide array of slot games such as 918kiss, one of the famous casino platforms in Malaysia. Also, don’t forget about Mega888 as well as other popular providers such as Spade Gaming and Asia Gaming.


Fancy some wonderful card games? You will be bombarded with lots of intriguing card video games such as IDN Poker, Sexy Baccarat, and much more.


Given that BK8 is among the top gambling establishment brand names in Malaysia, they boast of their good customer support service and VIP programs where every player is rewarded nicely to really have excellent experience in gaming. Not only that, whenever you refer good friends to sign up with BK8, this platform will certainly break down rewarding bonuses for you as a benefit to have even more buddies joining the platform.

How Do You Decorate With A Cowhide Rug?

Cowhide rugs are always an exceptional addition to any home or business, but you have to know how to decorate with them. For example, if you throw a cowhide rug under a table it will make a nice focal point, but if you use it as a wall hanging it will bring more warmth into the room.  Consider what goal you would like to achieve when deciding where to place your cowhide rug.

cowhide rug

Most people place the rug in front of furniture or underneath of it. For example, you could put your rug in front of your bed, or underneath with a small portion peaking out. You can also put your cowhide rug over the back of a couch or a chair. Another popular option is to use it as a wall hanging. If you have a larger cowhide rug, it should be placed in an area that will bring attention to it whereas a smaller cowhide rug will be used more as an accent piece.

What Do You Put Under A Cowhide Rug?

This is an extremely common scenario. You pick out the perfect cowhide rug, open the package, and proudly place it in your living room. Then, you discover that it slides easily on the floor and will not stay in place. If this is happening to you, you need to put in some extra effort to keep it in place.

Consider The Floor Type

Cowhide rugs, and rugs for that matter, tend to stay in place better on a hardwood or carpet floor. If the floor is glossy, like a ceramic floor, the rug will be more likely to slide. It might be easier to simply move the rug to another room.

Spray-On Rug Backing

Spray on rug backing is a cost-effective option that is easy for homeowners. Simply purchase some spray-on rug backing, and then spray it on the underneath of the rug following the directions on the can. Then, your rug will stay in place as though it has a mat underneath it.

Get A Rug Underlay

Pick up a foam or rubber rug underlay for your cowhide rug to prevent sliding. These are available online or at most home improvement stores. If you can’t find the exact size, opt for one that is bigger than the one that you need. Then, cut off the extra and throw it away. Simply place the underlay underneath the rug to keep it in place.

Rug Tape

There are specific types of tape that are designed for rugs. These work just like double-sided tape, and are designed to leave as little adhesive as possible on the underside of the rug. Simply cut the tape to size, stick it to the rug, and then stick the rug to the floor. Keep in mind that you will have to scrub the adhesive off the floor if you move the rug, so make sure you know where you want it before doing this.

Are Cowhide Rugs Out Of Style?

No, cowhide rugs are not out of style. These rugs are so versatile that they stay in style for years. The various patterns and styles will coordinate with new decorating trends that come into style.

918kiss APK download for samsung devices!

918Kiss for Samsung phones and devices


918kiss download apps 2020

By the end of 2019, Samsung still held the largest share in the smartphone market. Over 21% of smartphone users chose Samsung over other phones in 2019. This means 918Kiss has lots of users that use Samsung devices. This online casino does care about their Samsung clients just like every other user of this famous online casino platform. If you use a Samsung device, chances are high that your experience of using 918kiss mobile app is great

Most Samsung devices have great hardware. When this hardware is combined with the well-built 918Kiss mobile app, you’ll get nothing but a seamless experience while gambling on your phone.

How to get the 918Kiss mobile app
Most of the Samsung smartphones run Android OS with a few older models that used to run Windows OS. So, if you are a Samsung user, and you don’t have the 918kiss mobile app, you can download it by following this link. When you get to the download page, please select the android apk because it’s the one that is designed for Samsung devices.

Please note that this mobile app is not available in the Google App Store or the Samsung App Store. You can only find the official apk on the link we share above. You also shouldn’t trust any file from other sources. Most of those apps are developed by scammers who have intentions of illegally accessing your data and credit card information. So, don’t fill in any of your user information in any mobile that claims to be from 918kiss.

How to improve your experience with the 918kiss mobile app on your Samsung phone
Always make sure you have the latest version of the 918kiss app: This online casino app is updated frequently to fix some of the bugs and also add more exciting features. So to get the best experience, always check out this link for the latest version of the app. Newer versions of the app also have more security features that will ensure all your user data and credit card information are safe

Avoid using the phone while charging: Whenever you want to access 918kiss online casino, make sure you have enough battery to avoid the temptation of gambling while charging the phone. Charging the phone while using it will make it get hot that in end slows it down. This will affect the performance of the 918kiss app as well

Make sure you don’t open it alongside many other apps. This may not be a big deal for the latest Samsung phones like the Galaxy s20 series because they have lots of hardware resources at their disposal. However, older Samsung phones that have less RAM and processing capabilities will always struggle to stream online games from 918Kiss when so many other apps are open

Make sure you have good internet. 918Kiss will only work when you are connected to the internet. So, to avoid any inconveniences, make sure you have a stable internet connection while playing any game at 918kiss online casino.

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ancient signet ring

How Signet Rings went from Traditional Heirloom to Modern Fashion

How Signet Rings went from Traditional Heirloom to Modern Fashion

Signet Ring has its significance dating back to ancient times. The signet rings bore the family crests, used to seal documents. Normally also known as seal rings, nowadays, they are rarely used to seal a document. Instead, they are passed down over generations as a family heirloom or it serves a symbol of fraternity, community as it does to the Freemasons, or biker gangs, etc.

Traditional Heirloom

ancient signet ring

Signet rings date back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. They became a staple of human culture as each ring carved was representative of the time it was made. Egyptians used it to carve out the rank of Pharaohs onto signet rings.

Signet rings were handmade, intricately designed to signify a person’s identification. The stamp of the signet ring was preferred over a signature. The ring bespoke aristocracy, power, wealth as it became a status symbol. In the nineteenth century, the signet rings evolved as well. They were made out of engraved birthstones or rotating bezel so it could be worn facing upwards or downwards. As times progressed, they were used less as a seal and more as a piece of fashion jewelry.

Modern Signet Rings

Modern-day signet rings aren’t much different than the ancient style of rings. The class boundaries attached to the rings have now fallen away. Many people personalize their signet rings by getting them custom made. With the help of a custom jeweler, any symbol, an icon can be etched on to the signet rings. They can be made out of any kind of metal, with a customized insignia carved on it.

Even today, many people choose to wear their family crests with the notion of history attached to the ring. The ring serves as a bridge to connect the previous generation with the modern one. Family crests are still engraved onto the rings but others have taken a modernist touch on it by designing their symbol. Signet rings can also be detonative of personal sentiment.

Style of Signet Rings

Signet rings can be worn in various shapes and sizes nowadays. They can be customized or bought from a store. Some of them are:

  •       Round: The bevel of the ring is round.
  •       Straight Oval: Straight Oval is a very traditional looking signet ring which has a wide oval.
  •       Octagon: Octagon serves as a very modernist style to the ring with its 8 sides. It showcases a very unique, creative look.
  •       Oxford: It has a square bevel with rounded edges, similar to the form of a cushion.

To conclude, Signet rings can be customized, leaving room for creativity to spark in. Customized Signet rings can include etching a monogram onto the ring, representing a seal of identification much like a traditional signet ring. Blank Signet Rings have become famous as it can be made on any type of metal, gold, silver or platinum. This minimalistic design has become a fashion statement in modern times. Signet rings then become a seal of one’s personality. 

Customize your own signet ring here on the link below


Or check up our signet ring collection page here


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slim fit shirt

The Difference Between a Regular and Slim Fit Shirt

The Difference Between a Regular and Slim Fit Shirt

The difference between a slim and regular fit shirt might not seem like much, but it is more than enough to keep people off the racks of traditional dress shirts and heading over to the extra slim fit side. The subtle differences between the two are worth noting before heading out to pick up a few new dress shirts.

The Sides

When comparing the two different styles of shirts, most notice that one of the primary differences between the two is the sides of the shirt. Regular fit shirts often have a side that goes straight down. Slim fit shirts have a side that goes in slightly in a moon shape.

The difference in the shape of the sides makes the slim fit shirt ideal for men that have a narrow, or skinny, waistline. When these men wear a regular fitting shirt, it often billows at the waistline even if it is tucked in. This results in them having a muffin top because of the extra fabric.


In slim fit dress shirts, the sleeves are tighter than they are in regular fit shirts. Just like the rest of the extra slim fit shirt, they are specially designed to fit a slender frame. This makes them less than ideal for individuals that like to work out or those with naturally bulky arms. If the waist is slender but the arms are on the larger side, a regular fit or muscle fit dress shirt would be a better idea.

More Room to Move

Regular fit shirts are designed to have a little bit more space inside, which makes them great for people that do not want to feel restricted by their movements. When a regular-sized guy tries to fit into a slim fit white shirt, it usually does not end well. These shirts are intended for those that fall into the skinny category, not the average category. Instead, opt for a regular fitting dress shirt to make sure that there is plenty of room to move.

Try Them Both On

Sometimes, an average person can fall into the skinny category and will be more comfortable in an extra slim fit dress shirt. Other times, he will feel more at ease when wearing a regular fit shirt. Because of this, it is important to try on both styles of shirts. Do not simply button them and look in the mirror. Instead, try on the shirt and move around in the dressing room to ensure that the white slim fit shirt feels as good as it looks.

Visit a Tailor

Those that are not sure are encouraged to visit their tailor. Your personal tailor will know your body type, and which shirt will highlight it best. While you are there, ask them for a few measurements. This will ensure that any shirt you select will look amazing and fit perfectly. Those that want to buy a shirt off the rack instead of a custom shirt can still opt for measurements so that they know what to look for in a dress shirt.

There are only a few differences between these two styles of shirts, but those differences are significant enough that a person should know which one will suit their body best before buying it.

 For More Information, you can check up our site @



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What Is a Latex Mattress

What Is a Latex Mattress?

What Is a Latex Mattress?

Do you want a happy morning? Sleep peacefully and get up all fresh by using one of the best mattresses worldwide. Make sure that the mattress you sleep on is comfortable. You should be able to feel light and fresh every morning you get up from your bed. Make sure you have a Latex Mattress! Sleep on a completely pure and eco-friendly mattress to enhance your blood circulation.

The Latex Mattress:

The latex mattresses are the most comfortable. They are famous for their durability and eco-friendliness. Three types of latex mattresses are natural latex, synthetic latex, and blended latex. The latex foam is combined with reflex foam or spring to ensure durability. It also gives comfortable support to neck, back, and shoulders during sleep. The latex already comes in its natural form. It is extracted from the rubber sap that is done by the natural latex company. To create a perfect and natural mattress, some natural fillings are also added in the natural latex. That is why the mattress factory direct ensures natural latex mattresses to be durable and comfortable.

latex mattress

Some Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress:

The natural latex mattress can is naturally elastic. The mattress can be mold easily according to the position of the body. It helps the spine of the body to stay in its natural position all night long. That is why physicians highly recommend natural latex mattress to ensure a healthy sleep. Some of the benefits of a natural latex mattress ensured by the natural latex factory are as follows:

  •   Helps to Relieve Pressure:

Certain parts of the body are heavy. These parts need to stay in their natural state during sleep. They also have to be light and comfortable enough for you so that you feel pressure relief. Since natural latex mattresses ensure to reduce body pressure, this is due to the elastic properties of the mattress.

  •   Highly Durable:

Latex mattresses are known to be natural mattresses. This is because they are extracted from the natural rubber sap. They can even be mold according to the body position during the sleep. You can simply imagine the level of durability of the natural latex mattresses.

  •   Easy Maintenance:

The latex mattress factory has ensured to produce a high-quality latex mattress. To increase the level of quality the natural latex company has even added fillings in the foam. That is why you do not have to keep on flipping the sides of the mattress.

  •   Dust Mite Resistant:

The natural latex mattress is 100% natural. It is even naturally anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite. The structure of the mattress is in a way that ensures a healthy sleep.

  •   An Eco-friendly Mattress:

This is the most amazing and special feature of the natural latex mattresses. The latex collected from the rubber trees converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. That is why latex is one of the eco-friendly mattresses produced.


Good sleep is extremely important for your health. That is why make sure that you get the most comfortable mattress. A good quality mattress will not only help you to sleep well but it was also removed the risk of back pain.

To learn more about white label mattress you can click on the link below :



Make Up Artist in Malaysia: Finding the Perfect One

super cool model ;)

You should always put care into finding a make up artist. Your face should make a wonderful first impression, last all night long, and it should be breath taking. In order to make sure that you get the look you want at a price that you can afford, follow these simple tips. 

View the Gallery

Make up artists typically have a gallery available for people to view. You can see a person’s style as a make up artist, whether they can produce different looks to guarantee that you will get the look you want, and you can see unique ideas that can be used as an inspiration. Also, if a professional make up artist in Malaysia does not have a gallery for you to view, this may say something about their lack of experience. 

Specialized Make Up

Some make up artists in Malaysia specialize in certain areas, such as bridal make up. If you are looking for a make up artist in Malaysia for a specific occasion, such as your wedding, opt for one that can specialize in that area. Often, these professionals will be extremely skilled in that area, and can offer wonderful advice in addition to superior style. 

Signature Style

Often, a make up artist in Malaysia will have one thing that they have become known for. For example, one professional may be known for jaw dropping, extreme eyeshadow looks. Another may be known for subtle elegance. A third could have become famous for their ability to contour. Finding an artist that can complete any look is a blessing, but it is also important to pay attention to their style to make sure that it matches the look that you want. 


Inexperienced make up artists are quickly taking over the industry. These artists have recently graduated, and may possess the knowledge necessary, but they may not have the life experience that you want in someone that is going to do your wedding day make up. Before striking a deal with anyone, make sure to inquire about relevant experience that they have to guarantee that you will look amazing. 


Your make up artist in Malaysia should help you feel relaxed. If you feel stressed or tense the moment you sit in their chair and find yourself unable to relax throughout the entire process, this says something about their vibes. If you want to have an enjoyable experience, make sure that you feel positive around the professional of your choice. 


Primer remains the first step in any make up look. This will help keep your make up looking fresh from the day the event starts until the moment that you wash off your makeup. If a make up artist in Malaysia opts out of primer or simply does not believe in it, that is a sign that your look may fade long before you would like for it to. Simply asking a professional what brand of primer they use will give you an instant answer as to whether they are the professional that you are looking for. 

There are many more things to look for in a professional make up artist in Malaysia, but this blog will get you well on your way to finding the perfect person to suite all your needs. 

Ultimate White Label PPC


A lot of small and medium-sized digital agencies don’t have the expertise or time to successfully manage their clients’ pay per click advertising. Also, hiring full-time employees to manage Google Ads and Bing Ads can prove to be expensive. Because of this, many advertising agencies are outsourcing their PPC clients to white label PPC management services. 

What is White Label PPC? 

According to Quora answer here
“White label service that an agency buys from a white label service provider and sells to business clients.”

White Label is a term that is used to describe a platform, product, or service offered by a company to resellers so that they can rebrand it (by adding their logo, colors, and so on) to resell it as their own product or service. 

White Label PPC refers to white-label services that agencies can buy from white label service providers to sell to their clients. 

This means that you don’t have to be a PPC advertising expert (or even know anything about it, really) to offer it to clients and make money from it. In fact, even if you have the knowledge, you still don’t have to spend your valuable time on fulfillment in order to profit from it.

Benefits of White Label PPC

  • You don’t need to have the knowledge or expertise to run pay per click campaigns
  • You never have to spend time fulfilling multiple PPC campaigns for your clients
  • You don’t need to have in-house people-power to fulfill services for clients at scale

So, as you can see, whether you don’t have enough time, knowledge, or people in your business, these things don’t have to be limiting factors for you. White Label PPC is a great solution for your agency. 

Read about good white-label marekting provider here.

Now that you understand you don’t need to know anything about pay per click advertising to sell it to your clients, let’s take a look at how the process works. 

Shopify ECommerce Marketing

There are tons of strategies and tactics that you can use to drive more visitors to your site. But without the right plan to get your message to the right audience, bring them to your site, and ultimately convert them into customers, you’ll spend a lot of valuable time and money running around in circles, never seeing results. 

Hiring an experienced marketing team to take care of all your marketing needs is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business. At dojolab, we have a team of professional digital marketers who specialize in Shopify eCommerce marketing. 

They will take your website to a whole new level using all the latest tools and ecommerce strategy designed to drive massive amounts of qualified traffic to your site. In addition to that, they will assist you in creating effective systems for managing every aspect of your business’s marketing activities to make things even easier for you. 

Skip The Learning Curve – Hire the Experts!

Each member of our team has years of experience when it comes to finding, getting, and keeping eCommerce customers. If this is something that you’ve been struggling with, then you’ve found the solution to all your problems. 

Our Shopify eCommerce marketing process involves simple yet super-effective strategies that have been time-tested and proven to work for all types of eCommerce businesses. 

We do everything from helping you grow awareness for your brand to advertising on Facebook and Google Ads. We also focus on retargeting, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing. 

Furthermore, our team will keep track of your conversions. We’ll take every opportunity to optimize your conversion rates through testing so that you get more visitors buying your products. 

As you can see, we take care of it all! So if you want to increase the flow of traffic to your eCommerce shop, get in touch with us to find the right kind of solutions that will fit your business. 

Social Media Trend With Chatbot In 2019

Chatbots are simple, rule-based computer programs that are integrated into messaging apps. They are able to mimic human conversation and answer the most common questions. In addition to that, programs can be equipped with deep learning and AI (artificial intelligence) so they can adapt to customer behaviors. 

Nowadays, people are more willing to interact with social media chatbots and this has led to a rise in their popularity on these platforms. Here are some ways in which you can begin utilizing chatbots in social media and reap the rewards of this amazing marketing tool.

Automated Customer Service

The largest consumer base is made up of millennials who are a tech-savvy generation with a preference for innovative ideas offered by technology today. The majority of them actually look forward to having experiences with chatbots from their favorite brands on social media. 

That’s why it’s a great idea for brands to include chatbots in their marketing strategies on various social media platforms. You can use them for answering important questions on Facebook, providing content, and sending personalized offers on-demand – all of which helps to increase engagement from your audience. 

Improved Access to Data

The use of intelligent chatbots will give you the ability to provide effective personalization for your customers based on data collected from their posts on social media as well as data gathered by the platforms themselves on their consumers. 

In addition to that, all the queries that chatbots receive from users help to expand their own database using machine learning. As you can see, the possibilities and opportunities are endless for you to gather data on customer behavior, purchases, preferences, etc to further assist your marketing activities. 

Engagement via Customer Support

People typically have tons of questions with regards to any brand they have business dealings with. For the most part, the questions are focused on the products or services. But, people sometimes want to know general information, like when something will be back in stock, or what day they’re delivery is coming, and so on. 

This is where intelligent chatbots can really shine. They make the entire process of offering great customer support on social media as quick and seamless as it can be. 

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